Jul 20 12 1:25 PM

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i have made a bank of 24 random samples which were sampled from these cd's


This includes bits of songs like I see the Moon, Nellie the Elephant and some Shirley Temple
(good ship lollipop)
I used a Casio SK-1 to impose limitations and get some more lo fi ish ness in it.
I have trieded them all out in a zmf bank that I will post soon,
They all work out very well and do not crack up when st-224 effects are added. For some
reason the samples distort badly (even though levels were moderated) if you try to  process them
in a pc using vst effects.
I did not include any samples of the laughing policeman (if that means anyone to anyone
on this group) but i do have some of those i took last year)
apart from obvious colourful use these can make very unusual synthy textures when subject
to pitch/time stretch