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Jun 24 12 4:19 AM

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So this is my first proper post (not including my introductory post.)

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on cheap drum machines to accompany the ST-224. I'd rather something compact that will let me tweak the sounds to my liking. I'm not really after realistic sounds because I can just sample them from wherever so I want something synthetic sounding to add some contrast to my productions.

When I say cheap, I mean as cheap as possible haha.

Is the Zoom Rhythmtrak series any good?


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Jun 25 12 3:02 AM

Looks pretty cool, I like that it follows a similar colour scheme to the ST too, orange on black has always been one of my favourite colour combos. The reviews/videos I've seen have been a bit vague; is there any way to change the sound of the drums without FX? Or is just all purely sample based?


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Jun 25 12 5:42 AM

you have pitch to change the sound and decay to gate it too. note: you can tweak them also while listening to patterns.
you have portamento for the bass (if you're interested to the bass too).

other cheap drum machines:
some zoom ones, but i forgotten the models...ST heads, hit that!

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Jun 25 12 6:50 AM

Okay man, thanks for clearing that up.

Definitely seems pretty cool, the only ones on ebay UK at the moment are going for like £50 - £75 which is too much for me so I'll have to wait and see if any others come up.

The Zoom ones you mention, is it the Rhythmtrak series? There's a Zoom RT 234 on ebay at the moment going quite cheap compared to the dr-202.

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Aug 15 12 5:34 AM

Look for what I bought: Zoom Streetboxx. What's cool about this cheap thing is u can put effects on the drums and create your own kits. I paid little to nothing for it, and now use it with my 224 to sample its drums.

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Aug 23 12 9:22 AM

my favorite non sampling drum machine was the alesis HR-16, if I remember correct it can only edit sounds by pitch and volume/pan, the sounds are okay at best, but the sequencer makes up for everything though, very easy to use sequencer. 

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Aug 29 12 5:15 AM

anyone tried zoom rt-323 ?
think this is the only one with midi out from the zoom rt series.
what parameters can be changed ? decay ?
how is velocity sense of pads ?

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Sep 28 13 7:46 PM

consider a boss dr-202, mc-303, or any from yamaha rx series...for that matter, if you are just looking for sound storage, consider making a sample cd or file for your ipod/phone.

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