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May 12 12 2:28 PM

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Zip file contains two sets of 8 guitar loops on bank 3.
The following notes are also contained in an rtf file in the zip folder:
All 16 samples are stereo.
Two banks of 8 samples in Bank 3.
Too big to fit in one set.

note- no attempt has been made to tune the guitar to anything specific
nor has any attempt been made to ensure temporal coherence.

The guitar used is a Vintage model played through a Radio Shack/realistic
(sic i.e. really a delay) reverb unit which creates the mild hovering feedback drone
and a Yngwe Malmsteen Dod preamp/drive into a Radio Shack 'Pro' Mixer with digital sampling. There are some stereo effects after that and the recording was made using
a Roland SP-404 X sampler. This unstructured ramble was edited down into these bits
using Audacity. Some tails had to be lost as otherwise a bank of 8 could not have been fitted in,

Click here to view the attachment
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May 20 12 11:28 AM

Let me be the first to thank you for this. I have the RatShack (RadioShack) Reverb myself and it's quite a fun unit to play around with. I plugged my Realistic MG-1 into it for some really interesting sounds!! Cannot wait to throw these on the Smart Media card!

Disciple of the boombap.

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