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Feb 25 10 7:15 AM

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Online tr-808, 909, and 303 emulator plus

your patterns can be exported as audio and the sounds you end up with are pretty damn cool in my opinion. the sequencing is all tr-pattern based style but ...again analog stuff from your browser? freaking awesome!

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#1 [url]

Apr 15 10 7:59 AM

yes i love this thing! they've been adding so many pedals, and i never knew you could process other signals with the filter section of the 303.  usually people are not blown away by the website, which confuses me. its like they'd rather drool over all this expensive gear but don't care about all the great music they can make for free

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#2 [url]

Apr 20 10 8:03 AM

they just updated it with a new polyphonic synthesizer and sequencer table! it sounds awesome. and im not talking about the stupid hippy scale tonematrix, its like a modular system of some sort. not sure if its based of moog or something else. all for free! cant believe it. the attached file is a picture of it.

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