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Caught in the Trap

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#21 [url]

Dec 22 09 9:42 AM

zoom sampletrak, turntable and records
then i usually record it into a digital multitrack recorder and maby touch up on compression/eq
then i collect and maby touch up again in audacity

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Last Action Hero

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Mar 16 10 5:30 PM

here's a picture of my little living room project studio. I long for the days that i can get the rest of the gear (and all of my vinyl) out. visible are the st, the mpc, rm1x, sk-1, laptop, audio interface, and mixer (maybe?) I have more gear, but little its a constant challenge to get the most out of these limitations

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Board Certified Funk Master

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Master Guru

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#24 [url]

Mar 25 10 8:34 AM

cool setup Lodger, but where is your sp404?

recent buys:
korg esx1
boss sp202
yamaha su10
roland mc09
yamaha mg102c
tascam pm0.4
audio technica ath-m40f
akg d5


i recently sold the Korg esx1 and the Boss sp202 and bought an Alesis 3630,a Roland Juno 106 and a Yamaha tx81z.

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224 padawan

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#25 [url]

May 6 13 11:38 AM

Hi guys,

Here is some stuff I use at the moment.

Akai MPC 2000 XL
Akai MPC 2000 classic
Boss SP-303
Zoom Sampletrak ST-224

Computer with Pro Tools 8 M-Powered
Various Tape Decks
Yamaha 8 channel mixer
Vintage yamaha MC1602 mixer

Audio Technica at2020
cheap Shure mic

Fender Squier Vista Series Jagmaster
Warwick Rockbass
Roland TD3 
small percussion instruments

2 Technics Sl1200's
Technics battle mixer
Numark PT-01 for record digging
Danelectro Reel Echo
Danelectro Spring King
Fender Stompboxes
Zoom multi fx pedal
Old Numark battle mixer ( using it as an eq for sampling )

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zoom noob

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#27 [url]

May 6 13 3:49 PM

Although I'm strongly influenced by hip hop, I actually make what some people would call "IDM" (although I don't like the term), ranging from abstract to cheesy.

For melodic/cheesy projects:

- Akai XR-20
- Korg ER-1, EA-1, and Monotron
- Nord G2
- Zoom Sampletrak (recently acquired)

For more abstract stuff:

- Elektron Machinedrum
- Modular synths


- Lexicon MPX-100 and MPX-500
- Electrix Filter Factory, Warp Factory, MoFX
- Boss CE-300 (recently aqcuired)

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May 8 13 6:53 AM

I use the Sampletrak St224, Zoom Streetboxxx, Fl Studio 8, Adobe Audition, Garageband.Reading this post made me think about how to merge Fl Studio with the Sampletrak. I now know how!!! Thanks yall

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