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Last Action Hero

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Apr 28 09 9:54 AM

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Here's a trick that is helpful when tracking out to the computer or to set up sections where certain parts drop out of your track:

for your effect, set it to volume/bass boost. set the pads you want to mute by making the effect apply to those. set the volume to 0 (the wheel, i believe, not the knob.) now, when you tap the effect on, those samples will be muted while you press that button. also experiment with this rhythmically to gate a longer sample a la a dj w/ a cross fader.

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224 ninja

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Apr 28 09 10:09 AM

I just noticed this too from one of only youtube sampletrak vids out there. I'm gonna give it a go on my next track. Thanks for the heads up! It's always good to have these little tricks available in one place

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