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Apr 25 09 7:52 PM

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Here are the basic resources for the Zoom Sampletrak ST-224

ST224 Specs:

- Sample rates:
      Hi-fi (32kHz); Standard (16kHz); Lo-fi (8kHz).
- Total sample time (mono):
      Hi-fi 60S; Standard 120S; Lo-fi 240S.
- Maximum time per sample:
      Hi-fi 30S; Standard 60S; Lo-fi 120S.
- Maximum simultaneous samples:
      8 mono or 4 stereo.
- Maximum samples in memory:
- Tempo range:
- Sequencer:
      8 Songs and approx 5000-note capacity.
- Effects:
- Pads:
      8 (x3 banks) plus Source pad.
      In socket.
- Media Storage:
      16mb smardmedia (max) Data card slot.
- Audio Connections:
      two jacks in,two jacks out, headphones.
- A-D/D-A Conversion:

Sampletrak Files & Docs

- PDF User's manual
- ZMF Producer Software
- ZMF Producer Help file

*special thanks to the Yahoo usergroup for these resources

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
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#6 [url]

Sep 11 09 9:05 AM

Hola, Muchas gracias por los programas.....PEro que funcion cumple exactamente el zmfpro o cuales son sus ventajas sobre otros programas?
Yo personalmente armo y grabo mis samples desde ableton y me da buenos resultados, pero me decidi a probar este para ver que onda.

Saludos desde

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#7 [url]

Sep 11 09 12:08 PM

la cosa que zmf pro hace es dejarte programar el sampletrak por la computadora. por ejemplo, se puede cortar, mezclar, y asignar los samples a los pads. en mi opinion, es muy util...tratelo!

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#15 [url]

Jul 19 12 1:40 PM

man i'm using win 7 64bit too...i'm living in france but no problems with the zmf. if you want i'll send it your email, just pm me.
a plus

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