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Last Action Hero

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Aug 21 10 6:31 AM

would you guys be willing to post some samples from this keyboard? it doesnt have to be packed in zmf format (in fact wav would be the best for me) thanks!

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Dec 1 11 9:15 AM

Timbalaze, if you could post some of the DJX sounds that would be fantastic!! Thanks in advance!

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Oct 9 12 5:07 AM

Well the first one my father actually bought, at retail value when they first came out. Then the one I bought last year off Craigslist I paid about $100 for. I'm so glad I got it. I'm gonna look for another one just to have a back up.

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zoom noob

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Apr 12 13 4:05 PM

I bought my first ST (my first sampler) new in 2000 for around $350. Also bought 3 16Mb SM cards and a reader. Sold it all in 2005 and eventually tried to replace it with other stuff. I tried other cheap phrase/drum samplers: Korg ES-1 and MPC-500 specifically, but neither of them had the charm of the ST-224. The ES-1 sounds like crap IMO, and the MPC-500 was too cumbersome to use (although the sequencer is great). I eventually decided to buy another Zoom.

So I found another one last week, new in box. Amazingly, some retailers still carry these - I guess they weren't so popular round these parts. I paid quite a premium price: around $200 incl/shipping, and it didn't come with accesories. But you don't find these in Mexico for the same price as in the US, and at least I know I didn't buy a beaten up sampler.

Now, the ironic part is... I received my ST on monday, and yesterday another ST turns up in the classifieds. As soon as I saw the pictures, I knew it was my old Sampletrack. The guy I sold it to was selling it with the cards and the reader I originally bought. You're damn right I effing bought it too (I just did - the price was - wait for it... $224 !!! is that a signal or what?). And the guy says most of my original sounds are still there since he never quite got the hang of it.

So, now I'll end up with two Sampletracks, and I'm planning to keep'em both. Maybe keep the new one in its box as a backup and keep the old one in the studio. But before that, I'm considering recording a new album using nothing but the two STs being sequenced with PureData (which can send polyphonic aftertouch messages that let you control pad level and panning). I'm really looking forward to that.

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