Jan 27 14 8:52 PM

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Hi everyone. I dusted off my old ST-224 for a one-off Soul Coughing tribute show. I found all the old songs they sampled, processed my samples in a DAW, sampled them onto the ST-224, assigned to pads, edited the start/end/triggers, saved to internal memory, turned off the unit, came back the next day, they were still there. No problem… until another day went by (powered off, of course) and I turn it on tonight and it's somehow reset to all the original samples that came with the machine when I bought it new! And I had erased those ages ago! I didn't even think they were saved anywhere in there. What happened? The only unusual thing was the unit was not powered off when I turned off its power strip, so it may  have gotten a small jolt from powering on the strip with the unit's power button depressed. Could that have done it? Or is there some kind of little watch battery inside the unit that may have given out? Thanks, J