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Sep 1 13 10:41 AM

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New user and forum member here.
I can really see the potential of the sampletrak as a lo-fi loop mangler. However, with no attack or decay envelope it seems to lend itself to choppy stutter-start/stop phrase playing. Not my scene.

Does anybody have any techniques for fading loops in and out? I don't want to create a sample that fades in and out; I want a bank of loops with independent level control.

One theory I have is that it would involve the volume/bass effect (though this seems like a waste of my 1 effect option). Another theory is saving pad levels at 0 and then fading them up when playing live, although telling the sampletrak which pad I want to adjust seems to trigger the sound when I don't want it to play.

The last and most esoteric option would involve polyphonic aftertouch cc control of level, but the problems with that approach are fairly obvious...very few things transmit it.

Any workarounds?


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Sep 3 13 11:14 AM

OK, I got this to work. The trick is saving the loop pad levels at 0, then using pad parameter "level" to turn them up and down, making sure to have the wheel at 0 before selecting the pad to fade in, then fading it up, pressing the "pad" button again while holding down the pad, then hitting the loop/mark pad and letting go. Boom. Faded in a loop with no unwanted sounds.

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Sep 17 13 12:53 PM

also remember the volume/bass special effect- you can do fades or if you have a certain volume you want to gate to, hit the effect on button to trigger the gate. this is an interesting effect that tons of people sleep on.

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