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Jul 25 13 4:09 AM

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I brought an ST-224 on eBay and I have ALREADY filled the banks with samples. I have an 8mb SM card and I was wondering if I can store more samples than just the three banks on the 224 and just load the banks I want to, if that makes any sense. If so, then how?
Thanks a bunch!

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Sep 28 13 3:15 AM

You can store samples to the card as wav files by namin them from 01.wav to 99.wav . then you can load this files by pressing special+load, and Int/card twice. if you have downloaded the user manual is expained there

(sorry my bad english)

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Sep 28 13 7:41 PM

i'd suggest getting a card reader for the computer and copy them over when you are hold up pretty well, but its best practice to have a backup

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