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May 18 13 2:46 AM

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I haven't touched the Zoom 224 in years! I Recently I just acquired an insane amount of vinyl so I felt I had to catch that raw feel of making a beat! I fired up the Zoom for old time sake!!! It felt good!! I've been on FL for quite a while now...LOVE that program, but it felt good to actually turn some knobs and cut a sample aurally without a visual!!

Anyway this was fun and I'll try to do more!!  To all my Zoom heads keep pushing this Lil machine past it's limits!!!

Ki' of NC

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May 18 13 3:17 AM

Dope beat! Drum programming is tight, and I love that snare! Do you record all your different songs/patterns to computer and sequence your final song in a daw?

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May 18 13 4:24 AM

No, I actually just programmed a 52 bar loop. The Bass and Snare came from a Mic Geronimo Record "Men vs Many" I pitched the snare up added reverb to it and filtered the kick inside the Zoom. I programmed the drums in layers as it's tedious to do, but I love doing in that way for added flavor! After programming I just mixed the levels in the Zoom as  best i could and ran it straight into my Focusrite Interface into Cakewalk. I didn't add anything and just mixed it to a raw wav file.

This thing has made me sampling addict all over again!

Time and Time Again.. I have to remind's not the's the mind of the creative person running the equipment!

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