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May 7 13 6:29 PM

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Whats up, I come from software mainly maschine and the one thing i can't seem to figure out on the st-224 is just getting my hi-hats to sound the way i want them to be. They have a swing function on here but i don't usually use that, i play my drums freely till i get em right and then hit record till i get them right where i want them, but once it's recorded they don't sound as bouncy as i was playing them, it's like the zoom quantized them for me, is there a way to take that quantize off so i can get a loose hi-hat feeling on this machine, it sounds to robotic 

I want my drums to sound like this for example when its recorded 
The first 25 seconds 

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May 8 13 1:53 AM

yes, quantizing is the key I think you should put it to 24, 32 or hi (or a combination of these settings) manual page 49.
I like to use different settings when recording a song. I start at 4 or 8 to lay down the basic kick and snare, then move up to 16, 24 or 32 to add hihats, more kicks and snares and other sounds.

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May 9 13 12:35 AM

I merely use the swing as the extra added ingredient after programming my drum hits as tight as possible. The swing makes my drums sound like a real drummer's timing.

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