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Apr 7 13 11:33 PM

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So the thing will sample, and assign to a pad, but the pads arent responsive. the light will light above the pad when its assigning but no sound from the pads at all. Im not to inclined when it comes to fixing stuff, but I decided to open it up. So I did, and nothing looked out of place, then again I dont know what in place would be. Is there anywhere I can send it, preferably in the northwest, US. Or has anyone done what is needed to fix this and I could try it on my 224? Thanks for an advice. 


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zoom noob

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Apr 12 13 2:49 PM

I apologize if this seems stupid but have you tried this:

1) Turn up the output volume
2) Play the demo song (press SPECIAL + PLAYLIST)

If you can hear the demo song, then the Sampletrack can produce sound. In that case, try this:

3) Reset it to factory defaults (hold down SAVE while turning the ST-224 on)

Try the pads now (only Banks 1 and 2). If they produce sounds, then try sampling your own sounds.

If any of the above doesn't work, your unit may be defective.

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