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Mar 10 13 3:53 AM

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Got this piece of shit at home! ! !

Have fun with the few samples in your zmf

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Mar 31 13 5:11 AM

I have a nanozwerg. i fear its cramped home made style may mean people will buy
 a waldorf rocket instead from now on.
I have got some samples from mine but i have mainly put them in keyboard
playable banks.
The loops may be a bit long to  make much of a zmf bank but i could edit them.
I think they also contain simultansous sounds from a roland sh-32 and are mainly
sample and hold fizzzy gurgliness.

Fwiw i am using an urzwerg pro to sequence my nanozweef but i also have a chain of
sequencers running from that to a boss/roland  ef-303 and the sequencer in a dsi polyevolver.
I have an analogue set up sub mixer for all this and other such things but i am running
an alesis nano bass in sync with the nanozwerg as a pitch reference as the knob
dont lend themselves to accuracy in determining pitch.

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