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Mar 3 13 8:40 PM

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This is my first post here and I've been practicing on my zoom for like a few weeks now reading the Manuel and forums here, but I was wondering does this machine preform something like a pad cutoff like a mpc or maschine? I'm guessing you got to do everything by ear at a precise chop?

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Mar 4 13 8:37 PM

there is no cutoff like that...unless you do something like loop muted audio to eat up the polyphony and there's only one voice left....

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Mar 5 13 9:05 AM

Best way to do mutes is set all of the pads you want to cut each other off to "trigger".
It works like this. Trigger first pad. Then trigger first pad, and second pad at same time.
This will start second pad, and stop the first one.
You just have to get the hang of is triggering 2 pads at once rather 1 like an mpc.
This actually works very well once you get used it.

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