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Dec 10 12 1:44 PM

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Hola samplists!

Im new here, and quite new to Sampletrack too. I've owned many gear, but finally found my piece of gear, ST224 is amazing.

I think best introduction is just to post some beat, freshly made on Zoom.
My headphones are broken (DT990PRO:((( so I'm not sure how it really sounds.

Hope You like it, have much more beats on my smart media cards (i have zoom since maybe month or two), will upload them later.

Obviously, this beat isn't finished, but i couldn't resit of recording it , and uploading here. I'm doing lot of beats, and loops, but last one i put on internet many months ago. Zoom encouraged me to do it, so here it is, enough of bullshieeet and enjoy!

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Dec 11 12 5:08 PM


Yes, everything made on ST224. Computer was used to record sound, multiband dynamics +low + highs, and compressor with fairly low threshold were applied.

I think i have obtained quite unusual way of working with BEAST. Firstly, I'm creating separate patterns/short 1-2bar loops in its internal sequencer. Then obviously i resample everything to my taste, so I'm ending with couple of short loops, each on separate pad. Then i record some sequence that can help me during live recording, and I just leave it as a "song". When need to do some transition and have to involve completely my attention during live playback, then I'm playing just a sequence on zoom, for example 2bar drop, and by this i can have enough amount of time to be prepared for next part of songs (for example changing settings for effects, or levels of pad etc)

It is very efficient way of working with Zoom, and it is perfect way of workflow for me. 

So i answer question again, everything was sequenced, sampled and created entirely on BEAST, but, its not recorded in its internal sequencer as a one Song, i would have no problem to do it, but i just love the fact that i have song as a separate resampled loops, so i can just play with different arrange every time, without much problem. And yes, with this workflow, You will be creative and inspired all the time, cause it will force You to experiment, with different ways of arranging same beat, just to make it sound better.

Cheers guys, and I am looking forward to some beat battle, I already missed haloween battle, just because i was waiting for my Zoom to arrive :(

peace out!

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