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usefulness of built in fx abd possible temporal decline in effect quality in some brands

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Oct 31 12 11:32 AM

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broadly speaking i think built in effects on old samplers are much more interesting than those
on mixers
I know there are some people on this group also on roland sp forums who will be familiar
with the claim that roland sp samplers fx got worse or less interesting depending on your point of 
view as time past and price rose 
besides the st 224 i have had or have all kaoss pads including quad
and sp202/404sx/555
sp 555 fx i find a lot of fun and 202 very crunchy 
i prefer kaoss pad 1 to the later ones as it may be worse on paper but it seems
to have more bite and character
i greatly like the st-224 fx but the compressor really does seem to do next to nothing
the sample and hold effect is very merry on live performances on plastic handheld optical
theremin (Beep-it)

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Aug 19 14 10:55 AM

I rock the shit out of the compressor on the sampletrak. It's the best effect IMO next to the phaser, LPF, HPF and resonance. The trick is to make your kicks louder than everything else so at extreme compressor settings, it makes the track pump like old house music. I'm buying another sampletrak just so I can run one into the other and have the compressor on all the time. Then I'll be able to use the other effects without having to resample all the time. The compressor is really the whole vibe of this machine!

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Feb 13 15 8:49 AM

after some damn weeks of trying, i maybe finally foud what nightshift meant....for some unknow reasons i found that hihat reacted to sidechain better than certain kicks, they made sidechain instead of kick! damn...after some other trying i found the right setting for kicks to do sidechain: kick 3/4 (and a bit more) than the sample to be sidechained, threshold MAX, ratio it works!...
...i have to say that this sidechain compared to the sp505 or 303 one is more clean and direct and a bit punchier...

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