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May 4 14 7:58 AM

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Hi guys,
Does anyone know if there is a setup or a MIDI message I should be sending to my ST to fire more than ONE sample at a time???? (to make it polyphonic,..!!)...I am getting bit frustrated with it....
When I fire samples from my MIDI keyboard, same setup, I can do it, let´s say two or three notes(samples) playing together. But If a write it down in arrangement (this goes for Logic, but have the same issue with Ableton), doesn´t work...HELP, THANKS in advance....

ahhhh,... forgot,....Love the old school sound of this baby!.... 

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May 7 14 8:46 AM

Thanks ellaguru for your help.
I´ve sorted it out!!
...know what it was?! USB to MIDI cable. Shitty one I supose, don´t know if it happens in every case using this type of connection.
I put a proper midi one from my MOTU ultralite MK3 and works now!..Problem is i need that OUT for my OTO biscuit!!...guess I´m needing a midi splitter or something...
Thanks for your reply again.

On the other hand, have you found a workaround with MIDI for the lack of "touch sensitiviness"! ?? ......just wondering :)  (I´m on live 8, no MAX4live)
Cheers from Argentina

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May 7 14 1:28 PM

no problems man
well, for sensitive pads i tried a software that someone done expecially for the st224, if you want i can give it by email. unfortunately i tried with ableton live but it didn't worked. for that reason i couldn't use a boss dr660 with the st224, because the 224 didn't responded well to dr660 by midi velocity...(the 224 worked well coupled to a yamaha an200 instead)
anyway, it is called st224 controller, maybe check it on the forum or on the net, then hit me up if you don't succeded.
cheers from france/italy
ST224 Controller by Alfonso Alba Cadena

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